Fee Deadlines

Fee Deadline Information

Fee Payment Deadlines:

Refers to the last day in which payment can be made without financial penalty. After the published deadline, accounts with an outstanding balance for the term will be assessed a late payment fee. Balances outstanding after the end of the enrollment revision period will be subject to a (second late fee - optional), will have a "Hold" placed on their account and may be subject to deregistration processes.

Fee Payment Deadlines S.Y. 2018 - 2019:

First Semester: --
Revision Deadline: --

Second Semester: --
Revision Deadline: --


  1. Students are responsible for reviewing their Student Fee Account in mySMC on a regular basis.
  2. Any course changes between Fee Deadlines and the posted Revision Deadlines resulting in additional fees are due by the posted Revision Deadline.

Registration/Enrollment Revision Period:

Last date to withdraw and have fees removed from fee assessment. Please refer to the current Academic Schedule for general and program specific dates.

Hold Status:

Students on Hold will be denied access to most administrative and academic services including registration/enrollment, access to transcripts, etc. A financial Hold will only be removed when the overdue balance is paid in full.


Students with overdue accounts may be deregistered from future semester courses. Students will be held responsible for the overdue semester balances. (Note: Deregistration does not apply to spanned courses).