SMCHL Colleague & Leader Awards

Saint Michael College of Hindang Leyte endeavors to honor and acknowledge all SMCHL employees who have demonstrated exemplary service in advancing the College’s mission and objectives. Award recipients are SMCHL employees who embody the mission, vision and values of the institution, achieve outstanding results, consistently display characteristics valued and appreciated by colleagues. They are a reliable compass continually pointing the institution in the direction of its goals and aspirations. To be considered, the nominee should exhibit on-the-job performance that fulfills the following criteria for each respective category.

SMCHL Outstanding Colleague & Leader Awards

Nomination Period for A.Y. 2020 - 2021: March 12, 2021 7:00AM - May 28, 2021 11:59PM

  • Antonio Ybañez Teaching Excellence Award

    This award is given annually to a faculty member who demonstrated excellence by mastery of discipline; a dynamic and inviting style; availability and high-quality interaction with students; and profound enhancement of the learning environment at Saint Michael College of Hindang Leyte. The individual must have met the required criteria and be nominated by a member of the college community.

  • Manolito Ybañez Outstanding Colleague Award

    This award is given annually to a staff member who demonstrates excellent service and has made outstanding contributions to the institution and the community. This award recognizes the ongoing work of staff members that demonstrates a significant and sustained impact to programs, policies, events, services, and the community as a whole. The individual must have met the required criteria and be nominated by a member of the college community.

  • Pacifico Ybañez Leadership Excellence

    This award is given annually to recognize SMCHL administrators who have demonstrated exceptional outstanding leadership and commitment to improving teaching and learning experiences in the institution and in the profession either through extraordinary and outstanding academic leadership, significant contributions to academic life, effectively managing a team, project or activity to achieve outstanding results. The individual must have met the required criteria and be nominated by a member of the college community

Eligibility for Nomination

  • Must be an employee with at least 2 years of continuous service at the time of nomination
  • Have not been awarded “Outstanding Colleague and Leader of the Year” within the past three (3) years.
  • Must have demonstrated significant contributions to the unit/department and/or to the institution.
  • Must have an untarnished employment record
  • Must not been found guilty of any administrative or disciplinary charge, must not have any pending administrative of disciplinary charge and must not have any pending criminal case within the past 2 years.
  • Exemplary moral character/standing (as certified by the School Director, Chaplain or respective Parish Priest or respective Barangay Chairman)

Nomination Requirements

  • Any qualified employee except members of the Executive Committee may be nominated by a student, faculty or staff member of SMCHL using the SMCHL Outstanding Colleague & Leader Nomination Form
  • Nominations must be based on the established criteria and should reflect the nominee’s contribution to SMCHL community during the current academic year.

To nominate:

  1. Review the selection criteria for each category
  2. Submit a completed nomination form

    Two options:

*For students with no/limited internet connectivity, kindly request a printed copy to be included in the learning packages.

Service Milestone Program

The Service Milestones Award recognizes the long-term commitment our employees have made to the College. This program celebrates employees reaching milestones of five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty years of service at aint Michael College of Hindang Leyte.