Undergraduate Programs


Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED)

The Bachelor in Elementary Education is a four-year program that focuses on preparing excellent educators for reflective classroom practice in elementary schools. This course prepares prospective educators in the areas of literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science to create learning environments that stimulate young students' curiosity and engage their intellects directly foster high achievement. The principles of diversity, democracy, authenticity, excellence driven and accountability are integrated into both the professional foundation and elementary education courses.

Bachelor in Secondary Education - Major in English (BSED-E)

The Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English Program is a four-year course that aims to produce graduates who can competently teach the English language and literature in the secondary schools. It prepares prospective educators not only to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for an effective English instruction but also for them to learn the theory, production, and applications of instructional technologies in education that focuses on the development of instructional media used in teaching English and Literature. Its special attribute is a variety of courses in professional education, reading, writing and supervised practice teaching. Stimulating and varied practical field experiences are integral parts of the training to provide students a well-balanced program that hones both practical and theoretical skills.

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BS-Entrep)

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program is primarily designed to provide training to would-be entrepreneurs in aspects of starting and operating a business as well as character building. The program commits itself to the education and formation of Michaelian students who are committed, compassionate and possess ethical, pro-social and altruistic qualities of empathy, social responsibility and justice. The BS Entrepreneurship program is inspired by the social doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and aims to serve as a response to the growing economic and social concerns of poverty in the Philippine society. It endeavors to be an innovative and authentic type of program that integrates social awareness and ethics education demonstrating Catholic identity.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Major in HRDM (BSBA-HRDM)

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management prepares the students for a career in Human Resource Management in various corporations. It aims to form compassionate and morally centered Michaelian students while developing capabilities to diagnose problems, develop solutions and formulate effective implementation and evaluation strategies for hiring, training, recruitment and development.