Junior High School


The Junior High School Department offers both curricular and co-curricular programs geared towards the further development of the intellectual skills and inherent talents of the students. With its aim to implement a science-based curriculum, the department offers additional math and science subjects on top of the basic requirement for regular high schools. In addition, the Department further seeks to develop their character, imbued with Michaelian values, to prepare them for higher education, so that they may, ultimately, become committed Catholics, competent and responsible leaders, and worthy citizens of our society.

The Junior High School Department is made up of students in Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. It endeavors to provide an Instructional Program that is designed to give the students a solid and well-rounded Christian, doctrinal foundation and formation. SMCHLI strives to provide quality Junior High School Department that efficiently and effectively produces exceptional academically-competent graduates with fully developed God-given spiritual, intellectual, physical, social capabilities, and other special skills and talents, so they may truly become instruments of salvation for others.