Saint Michael College Emblem

Saint Michael College of Hindang Leyte Inc. Logo

Saint Michael College of Hindang Leyte has the following parts:

  • The two fronds of laurel refer to the Gloria Et Honor Laurel, which represents for quality education.
  • The open book nested in between the two laurel fronds representing the book of knowledge aimed to be openly shared.
  • The flaming torch situated above the open book representing the ability of education to serve as beacon of light to others.
  • The balance scale affixed above the flaming torch as the universal symbol of justice.
  • The banner with "1948" in Arial Bold typeface situated below the open book, which represents the commencement year of the College.
  • The name "Saint Michael College" in Arial Bold typeface, serves as an upper border of the logo
  • The words "Hindang Leyte Inc." in Arial Bold typeface carried at the bottom of the logo, which serves as the bottom border of the logo.
  • Series of curves on the rims of the logo serves as an ornament of the College logo.