Brief History

To cater to the demand of and need for education of the Hindanganons, the late Judge Pacifico V. Ybañez orchestrated the birth of Saint Michael College (SMC) in the year 1948.


Judge Pacifico V. Ybañez was the Honorary President of SMC. With him as partners in the realization of his goal were Mr. Agustin Fulvadora as Principal and Mrs. Miguela M. Ybañez as Registrar. The magic three were the School Board of Trustees then.

The school offered for the first time Associate of Arts, Junior Normal Education, Typing and Stenography.
On October 12, 1950, a certificate was issued to open complete Secondary Education.

The school continued its normal operation until it faced a devastating tragedy in December of 1951. A super typhoon Amy shattered not only the convent which was used as the school house but also the books in the library, laboratory equipment and apparatus and various office supplies as well.

That particular occurrence greatly affected the enrollment in the following year except for the Junior Normal College and the Two-Year Liberal Arts. However, the Secondary Education continued its operation.

As expected, due to the non-operation of the College Department, in the year 1983, the word "College" was replaced with "Academy". Since then up to the school year 2000-2001, the school had been using the name "Saint Michael Academy".

In the school year 2001-2002, the new set of the School Board of Trustees decided to reopen the college program. It was in the said school year that the school acquired a permit from the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) and from Technological Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to offer Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Arts and Two-Year Computer Programming. However, due to the scarcity of enrollment, after one year of operation, the Bachelor of Arts program was closed. With the offerings of the mentioned college programs, the name "Saint Michael Academy" was again replaced with "Saint Michael College" consistent with its SEC Registration dated February 15, 1956.

Saint Michael College was the original name of the school from June 1950 to March 1983, or for a period of thirty (30) years it had been called and known by such name.
From June 1983 up to March 2001, or for a period of fifteen (15) years, the school had been called and known as Saint Michael Academy, because the college department was no longer in operation. However, there was no written record or document as legal basis for changing the name to Saint Michael Academy.

In an affidavit executed by Carlosito T. Ybanez, the school President it stated that from June 2001 up to February 2002, the school name was changed to Saint Michael College of Hindang, Inc. because college department was in operation. However, in a Supplemental Affidavit executed by the school president Mr. Ybanez on March 2, 2002, it stated that through inadvertence, the word Leyte was omitted between Hindang and Inc. and that the true name of the school is Saint Michael College of Hindang, Leyte, Inc.

Since 2002 up to the present the school has been using the name Saint Michael College of Hindang, Leyte, Inc. The school offers Secondary Education: Complete Junior High School with Government Recognition No. 007 series of 2002; Complete Senior High School with Government Permit (Private) No. 026 s. 2015 - Academic Track (HUMSS & ABM); TVL Track- HE(Bread & Pastry, Cookery); ICT(Computer Programming); IA (Electrical Installation & Maintenance, SMAW I & II.

The school also offers Tertiary Education with the following courses: Four-Year Elementary Education Course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) with Government Recognition No. 16 s. 2004; Four-Year Secondary Education Course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) with Government Recognition No. 17 s. 2004; Four-Year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with Government Recognition No. 38 s. 2010; Four- Year Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BSEntrep) with Government Recognition No. 37 s. 2010; and Computer Programming NC IV-1874 Hours with Certificate of TVET Program Registration WTR No. 0608034046, January 23, 1998.

From then on, the school has undergone changes in administration, an increase in enrolment and improvements in the physical structure with the renovations and construction of additional classrooms and the construction of additional buildings.

At present, the school has regularly produced high school graduates and college graduates who successfully passed board examinations and alumni who have earned public recognition for achieving excellence in their own fields. The school has achieved its vision, mission and goal and has been of service to the students, the parents, and the stakeholders and the people not only in Hindang but also the people in the neighboring towns.

This is the proof that Saint Michael College of Hindang, Leyte Inc. has remained true to its commitment to excellence in education.